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A comprehensive guidance on Klonopin

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What is Klonopin

Klonopin is a drug that relates to the medication class known as benzodiazepine. This class (benzodiazepine) functions by boosting the activity of specific neurotransmitters in the user’s brain.

The major purpose of this medication is to manage seizure disorders in children and adults. Klonopin is also used to manage panic disorder in adults.

Klonopin is the brand version of the drug Clonazepam. You may buy Klonopin online as it provides effective results in a short duration.

What are the uses of the medication -Klonopin

  • Anxiety disorders- Klonopin is FDA-approved to manage GAD and panic disorder.
  • Seizure- This drug is also approved for the treatment of specific seizure disorders, including myoclonic seizures and absence seizures.
  • Insomnia- Few healthcare experts may prescribe this drug off-label for short-term use in treating insomnia.
  • Restless legs syndrome- Klonopin can be used off-label to manage symptoms associated with RLS.
  • Social anxiety disorder- In a few cases, healthcare experts prescribe Klonopin to manage SAD (social anxiety disorder).
  • Alcohol withdrawal- Klonopin can be used off-label to manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety disorders and seizures.
  • OCD- In a few cases, Klonopin can be used off-label to manage anxiety symptoms associated with OCD.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Clonazepam can be used off-label for short-term anxiety symptoms associated with PTSD.

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What precautions should I follow while taking Klonopin?

Get emergency medical help if you stop taking Klonopin and have symptoms such as

  • Unusual muscle movements, hallucinations
  • Confusion, suicidal thoughts

Misuse of Klonopin can be the reason for overdose and addiction. Keep the drug in a place where others can’t get to it. Tell your healthcare expert immediately if you have any sudden changes in behavior or mood.

To ensure Klonopin is safe for you, let your healthcare expert know if you have ever had

  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Breathing issues, depression
  • Mood swings, porphyria

You should avoid starting or stopping seizure medicine during pregnancy without your healthcare expert’s advice. It may harm an unborn child, but having a seizure during pregnancy may harm both the child and the mom.

If you are about to purchase Klonopin online, you must follow these precautions to get the beneficial outcomes.

Klonopin’s physical appearance

Strength- 0.5 mg

  • Shape- Round
  • Color- Yellow
  • Imprint- 93 832

Strength- 1 mg

  • Shape- Round
  • Color- Blue
  • Imprint- 1 KLONOPIN

These details will be helpful while buying Klonopin online as you may recognize the genuine drug. For getting more information related to the medication, you may see our product description page.

How should I consume Klonopin?

  • Before using Klonopin, you must follow the instructions of your healthcare expert.
  • Klonopin may cause sleepiness and dizziness. This is why you should avoid activities that need you to be alert until you know how this medicine impacts you.
  • If you are using Klonopin for a long period, you should avoid stopping it suddenly. Doing so may cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Consult your healthcare expert before doing this.
  • Using Klonopin with medications such as opioids or alcohol may cause harmful side effects on breathing. If you buy Klonopin online, you must inform your healthcare expert about all medicines you take.
  • Keep Klonopin at room temperature, away from extreme heat, sunlight, and moisture.

Dosing details of Klonopin

For the treatment of panic disorder and certain seizure disorders (epilepsy), the usual adult dosage range of Klonopin may include:

Panic disorder in adults

The primary dose is 0.25 milligrams by mouth two times a day. Your healthcare expert will raise your dose every few days. The general maintenance dose is 1 milligram daily, split up into smaller doses and taken daily.

Seizures in adults

The initial dose is 0.5 milligrams orally thrice daily. Your healthcare expert will raise your dose every few days until your seizure disorders are under control. The highest recommended total daily dose is 20 milligrams.

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Possible adverse reactions of Klonopin

Inform your healthcare expert if you have signs of an allergic reaction to the medication, such as difficulty breathing or hives.

Severe side effects of Klonopin

Severe sedation- confusion, drowsiness, memory issues, loss of consciousness

Withdrawal symptoms- Dizziness, seizures, panic attacks

Irritability slowed breathing

Common side effects of Klonopin

  • Issues with coordination or walking
  • Feeling depressed or tired
  • Poor movement control

These side effects can disappear over time as your body gets used to the Klonopin.

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